About Our Yarn

You may have read about our sheep in my books, Hit by a Farm, The Compassionate Carnivore, and Sheepish. Now you can knit with yarn from these very sheep. The yarn has been commercially spun at a small local fiber mill. With the help of friends and family, I dyed the yarn with Dharma dyes in our kitchen (yes, that pink stain on the floor is my fault.)

Things to know before you buy

Yarn from a farm: We don’t coat our sheep, so there will be a little vegetative matter in the yarn. Not much. Just enough to remind you this yarn comes from a small farm. Also, this yarn is 100% wool, and is not treated as ‘superwash,’ so hand wash only. I think I’ve finally found the right mill. Thanks to Rachel’s skills, this batch is much softer than the last. ENJOY!

Hand-dyed yarn: It’s amazing how differently each skein of yarn absorbs the dye. If there are 4-5 skeins in a pot, some will be brighter, others more muted. Some will absorb more or less of one color. If you’re doing a project that requires more than one skein, you should trade off skeins every 2-3 rows to better incorporate the differences in dye.

Skeins: The yarn is sport weight, heading for worsted. The skeins weigh between 3.3-3.5 ounces, and are approximately 225 yards.

Prices: Prices shown are per skein. Shipping is extra and based on the quantity of skeins in your order.

Colors as shown: Keep in mind that the actual yarn might not look exactly the same as the picture that you see here. I don’t know what the yarn images will look like on your computer monitor, but they look great on mine! I’ve done my best to give you accurate photos and descriptions so that you will be happy with your yarn purchase.

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