Yarn for Sale!

I finally finished dyeing nearly 100 skeins of yarn, so I’ve put them up for sale on our farm website. The yarn was spun by a local fiber mill, and is SO much softer than the last batch. I think I’ve finally found a mill that’s going to work. Here’s the link to my shopping cart:


I had so much fun with colors this year, but as usual, naming the yarns stumped me. So I asked for help on Facebook. 

Andrea gave me Mesa Blues for this yarn:

Mesa Blues

Becky came up with Tutti Fruitti:

Tutti Fruiti

Lauren suggested Polar Vortex for a different yarn, but I thought it belonged with this yarn, after the winter we’ve had!

Polar Vortex
Cory, my friend from college, came up with Clownfetti, but I didn’t have a yarn to match the name. So I made one!
Clownfetti 500

If you make something from my yarn, I’d love to see a photo, or hear about how it went.  Happy Knitting!

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