A Marshmallow Jesus?

About ten years ago I worked at a distribution warehouse for a major importer of holiday decorations. (I only lasted 6 weeks, but that’s another story.) During a break I was flipping through the company’s catalog and came across something that made my jaw drop. Are you kidding me? 

This crazy item was one of the S’more decorations. I’m sure it started innocently enough:

A s’more, if you don’t know, is a graham cracker “sandwich” of a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and two toasted marshmallows. Squish the graham crackers together and the hot marshmallows melt the chocolate and ooze out the sides of the ‘sandwich.’ It’s so good you want… some more… S’mores.

But then the company went a little crazy. The S’mores were so popular they added themed S’mores:

You get the idea. But then they went a little TOO crazy. They made a S’more Nativity Set, complete with a S’more Joseph, a S’more Mary, and a S’more Baby Jesus. 

Gaak! I’m not a religious person, yet I see nativity sets as beautiful, mini works of art. But Baby Jesus as a marshmallow?  Oy and uffda. Tacky! 

I, of course, had to have one. But the item was Out of Stock. Darn it! Darn it!

Instead, I ordered a set of glass bears at winter play:

Every year when I set up the glass bears, I think of the S’more Nativity Set. It certainly would have been a discussion-starter. I’ve since found them online for between $15 and $26, so I suppose I could buy one. 

But I would spend so much time fuming about a marshmallow Jesus that I wouldn’t enjoy the holidays. Besides, I love my bears. 

5 thoughts on “A Marshmallow Jesus?

  1. I think your bears are beautiful, too.

    A couple of years back a church in our community replaced their realistic-looking (and probably crumbling from age) nativity scene figures with . . . wait for this . . . rubber blow-up figures that closely resembled the big, fat blow-up Santas you see as yard decorations. They were so bad as to be laughable. Except they weren’t laughable to a lot of people. They have not appeared since.

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