Yarn for Sale! 2012 Fall

I don’t know why it takes me so long. I must wait months for the yarn to come back from the mill. 

Then I struggle to find time to dye the yarn. 

Then I must wait for my Website Goddess to make room in her life to put the skeins into an online shopping cart.

The result is my own shopping cart. I feel as if I’ve set up a lemonade stand, only with yarn, and online. The only thing missing is the hand-lettered sign!

So here‘s the link to my very own “lemonade stand.” I hope everything works as it should (Do you see the words “guinea pig” flashing across your forehead?)


The skeins are approx. 225-230 yards, about 5 oz. If you have special shipping needs, let me know. I just got an order to send two skeins to Japan. And another three are going to Brussels. Our sheep are going global!

If you have any questions, let me know. I so appreciate my blog readers, even if I haven’t been posting regularly. Gaack. Life. So unruly.


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