Colors on the Way

My friend London, who’s been helping me dye my yarn, finds herself without time, thanks to training for a career change. So this means–YIKES—I’ll soon be on my own. She’s going to help me one more time next week. We’ll dye about 40 skeins, and I’ll hang on her every word.  Then I’ll do the remaining 60 skeins on my own. (Have I said “Yikes” yet? Oh, yeah, I have.)  Here’s a photo of pot dyeing from last year:

I ordered my own supply of dyes from the Dharma Trading Company. The color strips on the company’s website are tiny. After I studied them for awhile, they all started looking the same. And it’s overwhelming—do I want to make yarn that’s bright and colorful, or subtle and moody? Do I go heavy on the greens and avoid the yellows? Who knows.

I just made my classic “I am confused but am going ahead” face, and placed an order. Here are the colors I’ve begun to dream about:

Deep Purple
Caribbean Blue
Teal Green
Kelly Green
Deep Magenta
Peacock Blue
Cayenne Red
Plum Dandy
True Turquoise
Pecan Brown
Silver Grey
Emerald Green
Moss Green
Forest Green
Extreme Blue
Intense Iris
Saffron Spice

I see now that I’m heavy on the jewel tones. Hmm. Interesting, but not surprising. Here’s a photo of paint dyeing from last year:

My task now will be to put these colors together in combinations of 3 or 4 dyes, and pray that the result looks like something you’d knit and wear, not something you wouldn’t even ask your dog to wear. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Colors on the Way

  1. OMG! That’s hysterical! I’ll make all the ugly combinations into socks, wear them a few times so they’re interesting, then let Molly have her way with them. Gaack!

  2. I love putting color on yarn! And really, there aren’t many combinations that are truly hideous. Find pictures that you like and use the same percentages, at least until you get more adventurous. You can always overdye later on.

  3. Kelly—-brilliant. We’ve dyed 20 skeins and London made me choose the colors. I ended up with one I really don’t like. Time to break out the turquoise!

  4. Funny! You can always overdye them if yo u don’t like how they turn out the first time. I’m dying today, too! But cotton fabrics, which doesn’t need heat, thank the Lordetta. I am such a wimp!

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