Am I Coming to Visit?

    Years ago when I was writing but not selling anything, I dreamed of a life in which I was a successful writer with enough money to travel all over the country doing research for my next book.
    I haven’t reached that point, but that’s okay, because I am traveling to promote my books and earn an income. I just need to get more efficient and work some research into every trip. 🙂
    So here’s my schedule for 2012, so far. If I’m coming to a city near you, and you have suggestions for libraries/yarn shops/bookstores I might contact, please let me know. If there’s something interesting in that area I should see or research, don’t be shy!  (And if you know of a responsible person in my area who might want to do chores the days I’m gone, let me know. We have one person lined up, but we’re going to need more.)

  • Feb 16-20  San Francisco Writers Conference (and post-conference workshop on memoir)
  • March 2-3, Aquindneck Island, RI, “March into Reading” school visit and public booksigning
  • March 16, The Loft, Minneapolis (MN Book Award nominees)
  • March 18 Women’s History Month, Quatrefoil Library, St Paul
  • April 14, Class on writing memoir, Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN (Contact the center to sign up)
  • April 20, N.Wis Lutheran Church Librarians, Eau Claire, WI
  • April 21-22, Wisconsin Spin-In, Milwaukee
  • April 28, Yarnover, Hopkins, MN
  • May 8-12, a whole mess of libraries in NW Minnesota
  • May 22? Fergus Falls library
  • June 1-3 Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, Franklin, IN
  • June 7, Writers on Writing, Stillwater, MN, ValleyBookstore
  • June 22-24 Charlotte Fiber Festival, Charlotte, SC
  • July 12-14? Iowa City Book Festival, IA
  • August 11-12 North Dakota Fiber Festival, Grand Forks, ND 
  • August 17-10 Michigan Fiber Festival
  • Sept 8-9 Wisconsin Fiber Festival, Jefferson County, WI
  • Sept 12, Rochester Tech College Garden Party, Rochester, MN
  • Oct 9-10 Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD
  • October 27-28, Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair, Asheville, NC
  • November…. collapse
  • December…continued collapse!
  • January 2013…Rest and relaxation
  • Feb 2013…more rest and relaxation
  • March 2013…Where should I go next?

I hope I’ll be able to meet some of you on my travels. 

13 thoughts on “Am I Coming to Visit?

  1. Next time make sure you include St. Louis – the Gateway to the West. I’ll personally introduce you ahead of time to the best local yarn shop owner ever. And did you know that our independent bookstores have teamed up and do lots of special events? Well, now you do. Late spring is just beautiful here!

  2. Oh dear!!! We live in Rhode Island but have been on a LONG business trip for 6 months. You are going to be in RI on the day we are arriving back home! We will miss you by that much. Please enjoy the area. You will love Newport, Jamestown and everything!

  3. Congrats on the book tour! If you’re looking for somewhere to go in March, how ’bout Ontario? It’s just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Minnesota… well, sort of!

  4. How exciting! You’re coming to my island and we have the perfect venue for you– an independent bookstore right next to a lovely yarn store! They did a joint event together for Ann Hood when she released the Red Thread, so they might be open to doing a joint event, if you are interested. Here are their websites: and Both are located in Middletown, RI, which is truly right in the middle of our small Aquidneck Island. I must tell you that I have truly enjoyed your books, bought them multiple times–for myself and for gifts. Wishing you safe (and productive) journeys!

  5. If you get anywhere near Dorset, Minnesota, (Sister Wolf Bookstore), LaPasta is a great place to eat.

    Catherine, I live 4 miles SW of Cannon Falls on County 24 Boulevard, and I don’t work in the summer. (I work at one of the libraries at St. Olaf during the school year.) Would there be a lot of heavy lifting involved with the chores?

  6. DD—I made it to Sister Wolf last summer. Lovely little store.

    As for chores, no heavy lifting. In the summer it’s basically checking to make sure they’re still breathing, and that no one has knocked over their water (the steers like to mess with things.)

    Email me next week and we’ll talk!
    info at risingmoonfarm dot com

  7. Kelly—Me? Teach a fiber class? Not for a very long time. I’m such a newbie. But I’ll be at the Sheepish Creations booth. She lets me squat there. 🙂

  8. Wow! What a small world. When I first fell into this fiber rabbit hole, I bought all of my fiber from Sheepish Creations on Etsy! I will make sure I stop and say Hello!

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