The Check’s in the Mail

Thanks everyone for loving our yarn, and buying it! We’ve shipped out about 1/3 of it, but the rest is languishing on our dining room table, waiting for ransom checks to set it free. 🙂

So if you attached your name to a skein or two, here’s what you owe. Please please please send us a check by Dec. 10. If there are extenuating circumstances (having surgery, kidnapped by aliens,  etc), let us know. Otherwise we’ll make the skeins available again. (I don’t have the energy to bug people for money. Yuck. Hate it.)

If I’ve totally mucked your order up, please email me directly at
Please send ransom check to Rising Moon Farm, Box 21, Zumbrota, MN 55992.
Amber $22 (Pink moon) $22 (tangled blue) $6 ship = $50 

Amanda $22 (seaglass) $22 (s. sherbert) $6 ship = $50

Beth G  $20 (woodland rose), $44 (Gonew/Wind) = $64 plus $7 = $71

Colleen  $44 (2 Indian Summer) $44 (2 summer sherbert) $8 shipping = $96

CosmoDK  $20 (s. sherbert) $6 ship = $26

goodbobo (sue) $40 (2 tie dye) $6 ship = $46

Gracey is Not My Name $22 (MN leopard) $6 ship = $28 

Jamie  $20 (napping) $6 = $26

Janet  $22 (seaglass) $6 ship = $28

Jilly47  $44 (2 northern lights) $6 ship = $50

Karol S.  $44 (2 gone w/wind) $6 shipping = $50

KNITMA $22 (napping) $24 (northern lights) $6 ship = $52

Marian T. Librarian  $22 (Forest floor) $6 ship = $28

Robyn $44 (2 winter skyline) $6 ship = $50

Ruthie J  $24 (Great balls of fire) $6 ship = $30 

Sara  $22 (Driftwood) plus $6 shipping =  $28

twinsetjan $46 (2 endless sea)  $6 ship = $52

Beef customers (pay when pick up beef):
Peggy $44
Sarah M $22
Joanne S. $46
Sherry A  $22
Maggie M  $42
Jan G. $42

THANKS, EVERYONE. Happy knitting or crocheting….

Catherine and Melissa

16 thoughts on “The Check’s in the Mail

  1. Good, this means mine’s on the way! Catherine, what size needles did you use to make the pair of socks out of Ice Palace? If it’s worsted,I’m thinking at least 6, maybe even 8. If sport, 4-6. Would you want us to send you photos of the things we make with Hit by a Farm yarn?

  2. Got my two skeins today! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I can’t wait to start the Christmas presents I got these for. I can’t WAIT to work with this awesome yarn! Thanks…and let me know when more is up for offer! 🙂

  3. My 2 skeins of Woodland Rose came today — faster than many online yarn vendors! — in recyclable packaging and most important, the colors are even more beautiful and unusual than I expected. From the texture, I expect great stitch definition. I only wish there were more yarn (and will be checking back for “leftovers.”) Catherine and Melissa, these may not be words you want to read, but you need more sheep = more wool = more yarn.

  4. Txcatgirl… there were a few skeins left unpaid for, but since I didn’t keep any for myself, I think I’m going to be greedy and keep them. I’m donating my middle grade novel, Barn Boot Blues, for a library event, and it would be fun to include a skein and set of knitting needles.

    But I took 8 fleeces to a mill last month, so we’ll have more available by mid-Feb!

  5. That sounds like a great prize, and maybe you’ll start someone else off to a lifetime of happy knitting! Glad to hear there is more to come; it really is nice yarn, with great stitch definition. I look forward to someday having enough for an extravagant shawl, maybe even with bobbles and fringe!

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