Beef Anyone?

It’s time! We’re once again offering packages of great-tasting, humanely-raised beef for those readers who live in Minnesota.

(NOTE ADDED 11/19. We’ve almost sold all the packages. Lordy, that was fast. I need to take inventory tomorrow for a better estimate of the number of packages we actually have. If we still have some left, I’ll delete this note!)

Here are the details:

The farm: We make sure the steers have 18 months of natural living—outside, with shelter available in the winter, and shade during the heat of the summer.

The steers:  They were bottle-fed as calves, with a bit of grain. Then it was nothing but grass all summer and fall. Then they ate hay during the winter, with a small amount of grain for energy during the cold. Since May of this year, all they ate was fresh grass. No growth hormones given. No non-theraputic antibiotics.

The beef: Tender and great-tasting. You’ll find it hard to go back to the beef you buy in stores.

The package: We sell the beef in 25-pound packages. Half of the package is roasts and steaks, the other half is ground beef. Additional ground beef will be available for purchase. 

The price: The package is $125, plus a $25 processing fee, for a total of $150. (We spread 1/2 of the processing fee among our customers; we pay the other half.)

Ordering:  Call to place your order, or respond by email. Let us know when you’re available to come pick up your meat, and we’ll set something up–weekdays or weekends—it’s up to you! The farm is 60 miles SE of the Twin Cities, on the way to Rochester. (Sorry–we don’t ship meat. Just too expensive.)

Feel free to contact us with any questions! Email us at

—Catherine and Melissa

4 thoughts on “Beef Anyone?

  1. Dang Catherine, you had me at “Grass Fed,” then lost me when you mentioned that you don’t deliver! What’s a New Yawker to do?

    Hey, off-topic, but whatever happened to your Inkslinger blog? I was loving that along with this one!

  2. Yeah, sorry. NY is dairy country—gotta be some farmers who are raising dairy steers for meat.

    As for Inkslingers, I folded that into this one—two blogs, Facebook, newsletter, etc. were driving me a little batty. 🙂

    I try to have a post that focuses on writing, but I can see it’s been awhile. Thanks for the nudge…

  3. Hehee Catherine–you mean you CAN’T Do 5 blogs, 3 networking sites, AND have a life?? Uhhh, me neither 🙂

    Love your blog, regardless of subject! Keep up the good work. Now, off to look for local organic meat 🙂

  4. Tried to send an email yesterday but dont know if it went thru, but would love to have a skein of indian summer. I read “Sheepish” yesterday. Loved the 1st chapter the most,I have had my own encounters with the electric fence!

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