Yarn Names that Rock

Thanks to everyone who posted such wonderful names. I’d put 4 yarns on the previous blog post, but currently have 9 to name. Amazingly, some of the names will work for the 5 yarns I didn’t post!

So many, many thanks to the creative geniuses listed below, along with their yarn names. London and I are getting together soon to finish up, then Rising Moon Farm Yarn will be available soon. (Or should it be Hit by a Farm Yarn? Sheepish Yarn? Seriously. How can I write 5 books in 6 years and not be able to name my own yarn?)

Cherry Fizz…. thanks to sanderfarm

Northern Lights… thanks to transFarmer (or rather, the wife, for she thought of it!)

Gone with the Wind… thanks to Elaine Mulligan (I dropped the orange..hope that’s okay. The yarn that gets this name looks like that scene of Atlanta burning—all oranges and browns)

Winter Skyline…. thanks to MaggieMaeFarm 

Seaglass… thanks to Cindy

Ice Palace… thanks to Mama Pea 

Pink Moon…. thanks to Sheryl Robertson

Summer  Sherbert… thanks to Mama Pea again for sherbert, which I altered.

And just so you don’t think I’m totally useless when it comes to naming yarn, I named one myself: Indian Summer…. which we’ve been having for 2 weeks but is almost over.

I’m currently knitting a pair of socks out of Ice Palace to make sure a pair can be got from one skein…. 

Thank you again!

8 thoughts on “Yarn Names that Rock

  1. Fabulous!! I can now add “yarn namer” to my resume. That was a blast. I can’t imagine trying to choose. Maybe you’ll just have to create more yarn to use the rest of the names.

  2. those names are all great! If you’re putting them on a label you might want to correct the spelling of sherbert to sherbet, though, there’s lots of persnickety folks like me out there LOL… will we be able to buy yarn online or will you be selling it locally?

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