Name that Yarn!

If you’ve read Sheepish, you know that I’ve struggled in the past when it comes to naming yarn. I’ve learned that it’s best, when naming yarn, to avoid caffeine, alcohol, and double fudge brownies. You don’t want to be under the influence of anything.

A few weeks ago it hit me: “Hey, I could get some help with this.” So here are four of the yarns I’ll be selling in a month or two. (Please note—they will be tidied up before selling—dyeing sometimes gets things a bit tangled.)  
Some people choose themes, but I can’t even come up with one of those. Seasons on the farm? Animals? Gaack. (My brain took a summer vacation and has yet to return. I miss her more than I can say.)

So—any names come to mind with these colors?

Wait— “Will there be a prize?” you ask.

“You mean beyond the personal satisfaction of exercising your creativity? Hmmm. Can’t think of anything right now (remember—missing brain) but if I come up with something, I’ll let you know.”

Yarn 1: (this is a bright red, not pink…darn that camera…)

Yarn 2:

Yarn 3:

Yarn 4: 

OCTOBER 12 UPDATE: Okay, submission period closed. You guys are amazing. I’ll go through the over 100 suggestions and post the ones I chose tomorrow. THANKS!

33 thoughts on “Name that Yarn!

  1. coral bells, endless sea, pumpkin dreams, far-off land. I just finished SHEEPISH and loved it. Loved everything about it, including that the fabulous Phyllis Root is in your writer’s group. Glad I found the blog. Debbie Wiles

  2. 1. Candy Apple (or Candied Apple)
    2. Icicle
    3. Amber waves of grain
    4. Purple mountains’ majesty

    I also recently finished SHEEPISH and loved it. Thanks for writing!

  3. I love the colors—keep ’em coming!

    Tiffrz-n-kidz: You bought sheep because of me (and Jenna—Cold Antler Farm)? Glad it’s working out—being an author carries great responsibility!

  4. When I looked at the colors, I thought of candy:
    1. Candy apple
    2. Sweet Tarts
    3. Candy corn
    4. Cotton candy

    And, just before I posted, I read the previous comments, and two people have already suggested candy apple and cotton candy. Hmm…..

  5. 1.) Maraschino Cherry, Barnyard Red

    2.) Seabreeze, Ocean Dreams, Fading Light

    3.) Warm Harvest, Autumn Sunshine, Bright Yarrow

    4.) Girly-Girl, Berries and Cream

    Perhaps, in terms of a theme, you could go with a “farm “theme, which therefore allows you anything related to the farm (aka animals, seasons, flowers, fruits & vegetables). Kind of like cheating, only it would be charming! Read the books in backwards order, so I started with Sheepish over the summer and just finished Hit by a Farm and loved them all!

  6. 1) Heartbreak Hotel
    2) Blue Suede Shoes
    3) Yellow Rose of Texas
    4) Love Me Tender

    😉 I, too, have read Sheepish…

    (And Farm Tales. LOVED THEM!)

  7. 1 – Cheery Cherry
    2 – Ice Palace
    3 – Autumnal Glow
    4 – Sherbet

    Why is it we can always think of names for other peoples’ things (yarn, pets, farms/homesteads, hair colors, etc.) but not our own?

    P.S. Not only has my brain gone on vacation, but I fear it likes it so much it doesn’t want to come back.

  8. 1. Cherry Fizz
    2. Cool Breeze
    3. Goldilocks
    4. Taffy Pull

    I’ve always wanted to be the person naming paint colors but this was more difficult than I expected. Beautiful yarn!

  9. I am so inspired by your work and love reading all I get my hands on I love the yarn and even though life isn’t a fairytale yarn can be lol the 1st one should be called be Valiant (as in prince). 2nd one should be Fairy Fields, 3rd one Rapunzel,4th one should be Wings.
    Thanks Sandy Sandra Hensrud Red Lake falls MN

  10. Yes, believe it or not, my move to the country and getting a small flock of sheep pretty much happened because of your and Jenna’s writings. You’re not ‘responsible’ that sounds ominous… you’re the inspiration, the kick in the pants I needed to make the change. You ladies followed your hearts and actually gave farming a go, and even though women don’t usually do such things, and everything wasn’t perfect, in fact things even went badly sometimes, but y’all kept at it and choose to relish the joys. Truly inspirational, thank you again.

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