Happy Anniversary to Us

If you’ve read Sheepish, you know that Melissa and I flew to San Francisco in the fall of 2008 and legally married. This Saturday will be our 3rd anniversary…. and close to the 28th anniversary of our first date. Holy smokes.

With Melissa’s permission (I’ve shared so much of our lives that I decided I needed to run this blog post past her), here are a few photos from that day, September 17, 2008, the day the farmers got married… Neither of us wanted a traditional wedding, so we created our own day, and we loved it.

San Francisco City Hall

This is the grand staircase. Weddings take place in the small rotunda at the top of the stairs.

Melissa signing the marriage certificate…

Photo op at the bottom of the stairs while we wait.

The wedding party: Lori, Sheryl, Melissa, me, JLee, and Cheryl. It was lovely having our friends with us.

Legal at last. 🙂

At the restaurant with wedding party after the ceremony, opening gifts. Mrs. and Mrs. pillowcases!

Ending the day at the Pacific Ocean…

Twenty-eight years. It’s hard to imagine that much time has passed, until I found this photo our nephew Jason gave us. He’d had it on his phone. We have no idea who took it, since Jason wasn’t even alive yet. Here we are, total babes in our late 20s… 

We had no idea then, of course, that we’d end up living on a farm, raising sheep, and writing about it. We’re never going to be rich, but we chose a path rich in experiences, animal connections, and nature. 

Thanks for sharing my meandering down Memory Lane. 

23 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Hey There Catherine! Wow, I’m sorry I haven’t commented on the blog lately, and I don’t know if it’s because I don’t visit enough or if you don’t post often (hint, hint: write more stuff! Or, uhh, I need to stop doing so much stuff)!

    Anyhow, this is a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary and continued love and success!

  2. 28 years is an amazing accomplishment, and so is the 3 years – so glad you were able to do that! Thanks for sharing these photos of the two of you and a glimpse into your lives, and what a great blast from the past photo…. farming, who knew? LOL…

  3. Congrats on your anniversary. My Sistahs got married at San Francisco’s Ciy Hall in 2007 too. It is a beautiful building, and I am so glad that we were part of the party.

    Hope you enjoy another 28 years together (or more!!)

  4. Congratulations to you both (I hadn’t read Sheepish yet, but it’s here-spoiler for me). 28 years together is a wonderful accomplishment, here’s to another 28 years!

  5. Wonderful photos and wonderful story! Our daughter and daughter-in-law will make it legal on their 4th anniversary this February. They live in New York and when we threw the wedding 3 years ago, they weren’t yet married in the eyes of the law. The day was wonderful though — and this post brought back those memories. Thanks!!! AND Congratulations!!!!!

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