The Duck Saga Continues

A month ago I wrote about our duck, Mr. Bodgepie, being startled by a neighbor’s dog and flying a mile to the south. Neighbor Bill saw the duck and called us. I ‘visited’ Bodgepie several times, but couldn’t catch him. And Melissa agreed that if she went down there with a net, she’d be so determined to catch him she’d end up in the swollen Zumbro River. 

So we let go.

I just got a call from another person on that road (Bill’s daughter) who said Bodgepie has been showing up in their yard late at night, and early in the morning. They live about half way between the river and our farm. So Bodgepie is making progress.

The good news is he’s still alive, and he gets off the river now and then. I just called Melissa and she’s SO excited. 

This weekend’s activity? Duck hunting…with a fishing net, not a gun.

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