Revised Website Now Live!

After much hard work on the part of my Website Goddess, JC, my website has had a facelift. There are still a few issues (where’d all my Facebook people go?) but they’re minor.

If you’re a teacher or librarian, take note of the teaching tool in the right column that uses The Perfect Nest.

If you have a middle school girl in your life, scroll down on the right column and pre-order Barn Boot Blues. It won’t be out until October, but pre-orders now would stun my publisher. They might ask me to write another book!

I’ve added a Q&A, an audio book link, info about presentations I give, and the video of our sheep. Wheeeeh!

Stay tuned for upcoming blog entries, which include cool information about wool (Some people think wool is boring. What’s wrong with them?) and an update on why I’m once again Head Farmer, just as lambing approaches. Yowza.

Enjoy the sunshine today, if you’re lucky enough to have some!

5 thoughts on “Revised Website Now Live!

  1. Oh, no! Not regarding you being Head Farmer again, but is Melissa alright? Hoping it’s nothing serious. (Tell her often when I walk into our bathroom, I think of her and me chasing that earwig. Eeeuuuw! I had never seen one before.)

  2. Mama Pea… What a…ummm…. fascinating memory you have of the Farmer/Insect Expert!

    She’s absolutely fine—surgery went so well that she’s having fewer headaches… Fewer headaches means the ability to take a FT job, which she has done. All is well (until lambing!)

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