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Sigh. Not sure how I’ve ended up with two blogs, one farm-related, the other-everything-else-related, but here I am. On my Inkslinger blog I’m giving away 3 books on writing for young adults, so if you’re interested, head here:

I think I should do the same thing with my farming books, so stay tuned. Sometimes it’s just good to clean out the bookshelves and get the books circulating. This is a new philosophy for me. For years I’ve clung to my books, considering each one too precious to give up. 

But one house really can’t hold nearly 1,000 books comfortably, so it’s time.

I wonder if Melissa will let go of the The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual

It’s a classic.

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  1. Unfortunately, someone left a copy of “Teach your cat to open doors” laying around and now she can let herself into off-limits rooms (like the yarn room). We’re gonna need a bigger lock.

  2. I love having my books around me even though I KNOW I should weed them out and pass them on.

    I wonder if there is any type of blogger “book swap” out there? So many of us are like-minded and would probably enjoy doing this…

  3. LOL! I don’t need to teach mine to fly, mine can, not very well, but enough to get to the top of the fence or barn roof. Well, the bantams make it to the roof and beyond, sometimes. And how, pray tell, would you even begin to “teach” them??? Too funny!

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