Lights, Camera, Action

I decided my faithful Farm Tales readers should get first peek at my Sheepish video. My friend Pattie from Zoom ‘n Dog Productions brilliantly rose to the challenge of making me look good and sound reasonably okay.

Putting an introvert in front of a camera is always risky.

Here we go…. (and if you want the book, you can pre-order at any bookstore, online or brick and mortar. My publisher will be astonished!)

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  1. I agree with Mama Pea (hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! Oh, cripes…) — Nicely done! I’m looking forward to reading the book even more now. And raising sheep, but that’s a whole other issue. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice video! Also nice to hear your voice, since becoming so familiar with your words in your books and blog. I got teary eyed and smiled at the border collie, but I always do when it comes to sheep and border collies – so has it hit my local book store or do I pre-order somewhere? Can’t wait to add it to our collection of your books! My youngest son learned to read at age 4 with one of your children’s books, you have a special place in our hearts and wish you LOTS of success with this one! p.s. I’m really starting to miss the MN sheep farm I grew up on, sniff, sniff 🙂

  3. *I* wanna know how many takes it took to say “embarrashed, ashamed, or shagrined”! It made me laugh out loud!

    Secondly, I “loved” how the first YouTube suggestion for me (following your video) was to Robert Pickton, that pig farmer who killed all those women in Canada! ACK! 😉

    Finally, what amount should my check be made for? Book, tax, & shipping, please! I’ll send one out IMMEDIATELY!! (‘Cause I want a personally signed one, natch.)

    Lastly, great hoya and YAYY, MOLLY! 🙂

  4. Chicken Mama—one take! And isn’t Molly great? Although I sort of had to dig my fingers in a bit to keep her there. She’s as reluctant a performer as I am.

    sanderfarm—hope that farm happens—let me know.

    Melisa R—Emma Thompson? I think you might need glasses, or stronger glasses, or fewer glasses of wine. 🙂

  5. Awesome video! I pre-order my copy from this morning. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, or as your sheep might say, “erin go baaaa”

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