What the Fashionable Farmer is Wearing…

If it’s 15 degrees or lower, one must start with wool camisole.

Then leggings, leg warmers, and hand-knit wool socks.

Two cotton shirts…

Oversized insulated Carhartt overalls, battered Carhartt coat, ugly red hat with ear flaps, and a red scarf, in a sad attempt to accessorize….

Earth boots—warm, comfortable, like wearing winter slippers…

Choppers—leather, with wool lining…

And when you put all of this together, here’s the farmer, ready to go to work:

Just don’t knock her over, ’cause she’ll never be able to get back on her feet without help.

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  1. Carolyn—takes me five minutes to get dressed and when I come back in, 30 seconds to get it all off—I’m too hot!

    Mama Pea—the fashion’s all hidden under the overalls. And yes, the cow…stuff is very frozen. I was raking it in the barn the other day, and then bent over and starting picking up the frozen chunks and tossing them in a pile. Imagine my surprise when I picked up a fresh batch. Gaaack.

  2. HA!!! A friend and I were talking today and she said her husband was getting her the sexiest thing this weekend…Carhartt bibs!!! You gotta love someone who can put together an outfit like that. 🙂 Looks quite similar to how I go out…although my hat isn’t red. 🙂

  3. My fingers and toes have been freezing this winter. I’m now in love with your gloves and boots. Off to see if I can find something like that. Love your blog.

  4. Hi, Catherine and Melissa, just a short report from Norway: Yesterday we woke up to minus 34.9 Celcius and everthing was deep, deep frozen despite electric heathers everywhere (frozen car engine, the rabit’s watherbottles, chicken’s manure, and we have insulated buildings for the animals..) Brrr… today it is quite “warm”, only minus 12. I just hate winter 🙁 The only good thing is that there are no flies 🙂

    Greetings from Tine

  5. Holy cow — if I went out with that many clothes on, I’d pass out! Must be the hot flashes. Cut back on the hormones, and maybe you can get dressed in 2 minutes!

  6. Wow, if I had that many clothes on, I’d faint. Guess it’s the hot flashes. Cut back on you hormones, C, and you can probably get dressed in *2* minutes!

  7. Hahahahahahaha!
    This is the funniest account of dressing I’ve ever read!
    I want to be you, free to share the truth of the situation… and yet still be cute!
    Thanks for sharing! hahahaha!

  8. Carhart is the best … tough real work clothes maybe not so stylish but ?? The live stock don’t care and anybody you meet going to the barn or in the barn is likely to be sport’n Carharts too!!

    I wear bibs a lot best darn work clothes until you have to go to the bathroom then ……

    The hat is the thing I use a carhart wool cap I can pull it down over my ears if need be…

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