The Inkslinger Rides Again.

After a year of rest, my writing/book/life blog, The Inkslinger, is back. (What does this mean? I’m beginning to recover from a wicked two years.) While I’ll try to avoid cross-posting between this blog and the Inkslinger, I wanted to let everyone know. Here’s the first post, in its entirety:

It’s time for a new author photo. I really dislike this whole process because I’m not that comfortable in front of a camera. Because the photo is for my memoir, Sheepish, which is obviously about sheep, I thought it would be fun to get a few sheep into the photo.

It was a brisk late October afternoon when photographers Karen and Pattie tramped out to the pasture with me. The plan was to sprinkle some corn on the ground, thus attracting the sheep. The sheep would happily munch in the background, and I’d try to look relaxed as Karen snapped shot after shot.

I sprinkled the corn. I plopped down onto the ground.

But before I could even really get myself situated, one of the sheep—a tame one—wandered up. Hey, whatcha doing?

Before I could explain, she caught sight of the camera. Oooh, a photo of me? Lucky for you, all my sides are my best sides.

She then sent intense, sultry looks toward the camera. She tossed back a few locks of fleece. She turned to the left, then the right. She allowed me to snuggle up next to her, but only because it would make her look good. This sheep has clearly had some runway training.

Karen started snapping photos. The ewe and I chatted, but she only had eyes for that camera. I scratched her neck, kissed her nose, and whispered complimentary things in her ears. She loved it all, and stood in one place for an amazingly long time. Karen got a gazillion photos. Finally the ewe decided she was done sharing the limelight with me, so she wandered away, but tossed a ‘follow me, let’s ditch the farmer’ look over her shoulder. Karen followed, and once I was out of the frame, the ewe stood still again for another gazillion photos.

We’re always on the look-out for ways to make more money on the farm. I wonder if there’s any money in getting this ewe her own facebook page, website, and circulating her 8×10 glossies to the modeling agencies.

Here’s the final photo that will be on the back cover of Sheepish:

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  1. Beautiful — the story, the photo… everything. I loved ‘Hit by a Farm’ and I just read about ‘Sheepish’ on your website — I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks! I’ll share your comments with the ewe. Her name, sadly unoriginal, is “Black Girl,” which I explain in Sheepish. She’s a sweetie, and everyone falls for her.

  3. Wow, everything about this is beautiful! Can I book her for my own photo op? Can’t wait to read the new book. I’m still recommending Hit by a Farm at our lambing programs each year.

  4. Gorgeous photo, Catherine…my Valentine’s present to Tim was a beautiful framed photo of local sheep, so it’s been all sheep, all the time lately. You are ahead of the fashion curve, as we’ve always known. I can’t wait to read the new book.

  5. i’m bookmarking your blog! i’ve read ‘hit by a farm’ and ‘the compassionate carnivore.’ both very good reads and very inspiring as i flex my beginner shepherdess muscles and try to gear up mentally for meat-raising. 🙂 thank you.

  6. Ah! You picked my favorite. Great choice! Thanks for the smile this morning. I’ll be down to check on the bees in a few days, if the snow tomorrow isn’t too heavy.

  7. Jessica…sheep as fashion? Hmmm. Sometimes they walk dogs down the runway…will a sheep be next?

    Jen…you’ll do fine. Just remember feeding people is important.

    beegirl…there you are!

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