Life is back to normal…

…but ‘normal’ has changed.

The Farmer has fully recovered from her neck surgery. She’s getting physical therapy to tone up her neck, chest, back muscles, which went all weak during her recovery.

For over a month now, she’s been back doing chores. But here’s where ‘normal’ has changed. Every winter for the past 4-5 years, I’ve let Melissa do the chores every day. I stay inside, toasty warm by the wood stove. The winters, though, have been unbearably long.

This winter, after doing chores 55 days in a row (why can’t I let that number go?) I realized that I sort of like it. I decided I didn’t want to stop. So I do chores every third day, regardless of wind chill. And I’ve been snowshoeing every day until this blasted mid-winter warm-up, which has melted most of the snow and crusted what’s left. I actually got a little weepy the other day because I couldn’t snowshoe. (Perhaps I’d better up my hormone dosage! Crying because the snow is melting? That’s crazy.)

The very odd thing is that this winter is flying by. I don’t feel the same “OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO SCREAM IF SPRING DOESN”T COME RIGHT NOW” malaise that everyone else in MN feels mid-February.

I cannot tell you how bizarre this is for me. Is it doing chores? Is it snowshoeing?

Don’t know. But obviously getting out into winter instead of cowering by the woodstove has altered my perspective. The farm’s a bigger part of my life now. Winter’s not something to just be endured, but also to be enjoyed.

And the good news? 

Snow’s coming tomorrow!

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  1. I think you can get the snowshoes ready, the snow is coming back! We’re on track for the same storm. My goats have a new round bale, I’ll fill their stock tank today, then sit back and watch the snow fly! Life is good on the farm! Hope you have a good one, too. Glad Melissa is back to her farm life, I would imagine that feels so great to her! I know I love being with my animals, even doing the hard & dirty work.

  2. I think you are just feeling the rewards of providing for you animals and homestead during the time of year they need it most! I’m sure it makes Melissa’s recovery that much better with you helping, too. And the snowshoes? They are just plain fun! 🙂

  3. For me it helps to get through winter, and getting myself out of a warm, toasty bed in the mornings, when I know there are several sets of eyes staring at the house just waiting for a light to come on. As soon as the light switch is engaged and Lilly, the shetland sheep, announces to the other sheep, llamas and chickens that “She’s Up!” my day starts.

    I feel fulfilled when I get their needs met. Is that weird? Well, maybe not as weird as being sad that the snow has melted…just sayin’….:O)

    (I’ll be picturing you doing a happy dance tomorrow in the 10″ of snow, with your snowshoes strapped on, of course.)

  4. I think getting ourselves outside during the winter actually opens up a whole new world for us. Let’s face it, no matter how ugly the weather, it’s a change of scenery even for only an hour every now and then. And the fresh air is good for our physical AND mental well-being. We’re not meant to breath “house air” 24-7.

    Having other beings depend on you for their survival is rewarding. Plus you don’t have to go walk the mall or buy a gym membership to keep the ol’ bod toned up! A walk to the barn with 15 lbs. of clothing on and wearing snowshoes is actually better for us physically than walking the same distance in the balmy summertime.

    Got kinda preachy, didn’t I?

  5. A change in perspective is good, no? Glad you’re able to claim the farm as part of you and that you’re able to see the beauty in winter. Somedays…I’m not so sure myself. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. We only have one pet chicken now but when I had 20 I got up every morning and made sure they were fed and safe even before my own or the kids breakfast! In pouring freezing rain when I ha the flu and thought I might pass out I still got out there, the feeling of satisfaction was always very healing almost? and it got me awake and moving in the mornings which is hard for me physically and mentally, made me get in the shower after the fresh air, felt great!

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