The Very Happy Monkey

Sheep make wool. Wool becomes yarn. And sometimes shepherds knit the yarn made from their sheep’s wool.

It’s weird, but I’ve become one of those shepherds….and I’ve become hooked on socks. Nothing fancy. Just plain socks.

But the other day I thought I should perhaps try something a little more challenging, so I found a sock pattern called the Monkey, designed by a woman named Cookie. You put the stitches on four needles, and then use a fifth needle to knit the stitches. Go all the way around the four needles and you’ve completed a row. This pattern has 11 rows, each different. When you’ve finished these 11 rows, then you repeat the pattern again (and again and again…)

This takes WAY more concentration than you’d think, so the sock has languished in its little bin. Knitting 11 rows in one sitting seemed like too much work. (I didn’t want to stop midway and get confused about where I was in the pattern.)

But I want to make these socks because I’m using our yarn, this lovely turquoise.  (Sadly, my camera hates turquoise. I don’t know why.)

A few nights ago I had a great idea. Start a fire in the wood stove. Pour myself a glass of wine. Knit one row. Take a sip of wine. Knit another row, etc. etc. This should help me get through 11 rows every night.

So I did this. It was working! But, oddly enough, by only Row 6, I was feeling pretty fine. Alarmingly fine for just 6 sips of wine. And the glass was emptier than it should have been.

That’s when I figured out I was taking a sip of wine after every needle, not every row. That’s 24 sips of wine, not 6.

Lest anyone worry, I was still able to manipulate the needles without harming myself, so things weren’t too bad. And my ploy worked, for in five nights I finished that part of the sock….

But I think I should rename the pattern the Very Happy Monkey…or maybe the Almost-Drunken-Monkey.

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  1. your wool is beautiful! I did a pair of monkey socks too this year, they are fun – definitely more fun with the wine, although a bit slower maybe? 🙂 Nice job on the socks!

  2. Well, I think the Almost Drunken Monkey sounds delightful. And you’ve impressed the heck out of me, because with all those needles, I’d just succeed in hurting myself. Or someone else. 🙂 I’ve always admired those who can knit!!

  3. Mama Pea—good advice from the woman who puts her PJs on in the afternoon… 🙂

    Em… Nope, the pen is far too dangerous a weapon to wield under the influence!

    Erin…Definitely slower, but at least I was working on them. Have you ever tried the purl-less Monkeys? That might be the way to go next time.

    Mama Tea…don’t be too impressed. I poke myself all the time!

  4. Love the socks and the sipping idea! A bottle of “Three Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s has kept me company on many a lonely knitting night… maybe there is a knitting group idea here… “Wine Chic Women with Sticks”!

    I’m in!

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