Laughing with Goats

Two weeks ago Melissa had three vertebrae in her neck fused. She was in great pain the first week, but did much better the second week. (Yea, Percoset! Yea, Valium!) And this week she’s taking fewer of the pain meds. She has at least six weeks of not lifting more than 20 pounds.

So I’m Head Farmer! Haven’t killed anything yet, so it’s going well. 🙂  But winter dumped a foot of snow on us last weekend, so that makes everything harder. After two hours of outside work every day (chores, shoveling snow, bringing in firewood, etc.) I’m beat.

But my newest antidote for exhaustion is watching baby goats (someone else’s!) We have friends in CO who are professional videographers. They spent hours filming the baby cashmere goats on the farm across the road. The result is two DVDs: Giggle with the Goats, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. 

I don’t care how old our friends and family are—everyone we know is getting one of these for Christmas.

Here’s a little taste. (The grey goat with the white ears is named Paloma.) 

And here’s the link where you can buy the DVDs ($12.95 each) 

So here’s hoping that if you’re recovering from surgery or slogging through the snow every day to feed cattle and sheep, you still can find something to laugh at!

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  1. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. My boys (who watched it over my shoulder) now think goats are in order at our farmish kinda place. 😉

    Glad to hear Melissa is healing well! I found your blog…its a long story…but needless to say when I realized who you were and that I have two books of yours sitting on my shelf…I was pretty excited! Looking forward to catching up on what’s happening on your farm…

  2. Welcome, MamaTea. I have another reader called MamaPea!

    There’s a fun ‘behind the scenes’ part to the goat DVD… Shows the two videographers being jumped on, chewed on, etc…. Makes me want to get some little cashmere goats.

    Oh, oh! That’s the last thing we need.

  3. “Oh, oh! That’s the last thing we need.”

    Yeah, tell me about it. I was suckered into a couple of pygoras. Like you could say no to those faces. I have to say tho they are the highlight of my day. Unfortunately the wether wasn’t debudded and the dead grass on the other side of the fence is apprently much tastier than the dead grass on his side of the fence. I think I’ve pulled him out of the fence at least 10 times so far. One of those times my ram was standing just on the other side obviously considering goaticide. So far I don’t regret our decision however. They are SO much more personable than the sheep (and we’ve got some pretty personable sheep). Picture (because they are so stinkin cute):

    Hope Melissa is feeling better soon, sounds like a pretty painful procedure!!

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