Walking in the Winter Wonderland

It’s official. This is Minnesota’s snowiest December on record… and it’s the December I’m doing chores by myself while Melissa heals from neck surgery. WHINE ALERT! (Melissa’s doing great, except for a serious case of cabin fever.)  We had the Dec. 11 blizzard, then at least two more snowfalls of at least six inches.

Here’s how far I must walk from the house to the barn:

For days I slogged through snow over my knees. I’d just get a path broken, and the wind would blow it shut and I’d have to start all over again. The sheep needed help making a path to their water trough, so I made them one with my own two little feet.

Neighbors came with their snowblower and blew paths to the wood pile, and up to my first red gate. Another neighbor uses our tractor to plow our driveway. A third neighbor scoots down with his four-wheeler and plows when wind blows waves of snow across the driveway. I plan to bribe all these neighbors with peanut brittle until winter ends.

For a good ten days, winter kicked my butt. I’m not proud to admit it. I was wiped out every day with shoveling and slogging. I might have even shed a few tears of self-pity.

Then I realized I didn’t have to climb through the snow drifts every day to feed the animals. I needed snowshoes! But I had no time (or energy) to drive 30 miles to shop for some. We shopped online, and Melissa ordered expedited delivery. They came Dec, 23, and on Dec. 24 we had another 6 inches.

Talk about a Merry Christmas! Using extreme ZOOM lens, Melissa caught me up at the barn trying to shoosh the overly friendly ram, Inigo Montoya, away from me. When a ewe’s in heat, he pays no attention to me. When none of the ewes distract him, then he wants me. Not interested.

But now, with my handy snowshoes, I can bypass the sheep trail. Inigo can’t reach me. I’m invincible! And instead of sinking into snow over my knees, I only sink a few inches. And after a few days, there’s a great trail. Here I am in my oversized, baggy insulated overalls.

I LOVE THESE SNOWSHOES! I’m even strapping them on and hiking around the pasture for some extra exercise every day. I’ve started making a maze in the west pasture. (I must be insane.)

But at least winter’s no longer conquering me….With these snowshoes, I might actually conquer it.

So there are two good reasons to live in MN during the winter. Snowshoes are one. And the morning sunrise is another….

Wishing everyone a safe and sane New Year’s….

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  1. Wanna know the very best thing about snowshoes? The way you walk in them takes INCHES off your hips. Think of that every day when you’re slogging around doing chores. For me in particular, that’s great!

    Beautiful pictures with all your snow. Even you in your over-sized chore outfit. Now for the rest of your lives, you and Melissa will be able to say, “Do you remember the winter when . . . “

  2. I don’t think I’m headed for a sane new year. When I read this, I know (I know) how exhausting what you’re doing is. I know this! And yet, I’m totally wanting to trade lives.

    I’m a little homesick for snow.

  3. Now THOSE are some snowshoes!! Love the pictures taken on extra zoom. What would Melissa do without extra zoom? Miss out on all the “fun” you’re having, right? 🙂

    Sure has been a snowy MN winter. We’re in for more in a few days…stay safe!

  4. Take comfort in our jealousy, here in canada (southern ontario) I’ve got no snow. The only white stuff is the salt on the roads. 🙁
    T’was a green Christmas for sure.

    Wonderful pictures, our thoughts are with Melissa as she recovers, and my partner and I both think of you hoping you’re having a good time with chores!

    Friends from canada,


  5. Mama Pea—I’m hoping to lose lots of inches!

    Em—I’m taking applications for January chores. 🙂

    Femmesteader—What’s wrong with the world, that Canada has no snow, and I’m being buried in it!

  6. Gotta love the adventure of it all. Gene & I wore our snowshoes for a 2 mile trek on the lake at the cabin. Awesome time & GREAT exercise. That oversized coverall will be REALLY oversized in a few more weeks. Good for you!

  7. Love the fotos, what a beautiful sunrise. Glad you are doing so well as Melissa recovers and that life on the farm continues to ROCK! lol

    Really,Catherine? Really? Inigo Montoya? rotfl So, tell me, are *you* the Princess’s Bride? Thank you for making me smile. 😉

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