Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

Our friend Kathy (beegirl!) has moved her hives closer to our ‘house area.’ The previous site was too shaded, and it was time for a change. So now the hives are behind what we call the Big Bird pen, which used to house peacocks but now just houses two little golden pheasants. (We should probably rename this the Little Bird pen.)

The hives are tucked between the pen and the first row of our windbreak. (These trees, by the way, seemed to remain two feet tall for ten years, and then went crazy. I can’t believe we’ve been here long enough to have such large trees. It’s great.)

Here is the beekeeper in her natural habitat. Not wanting to disturb her, I remained hidden by the trees and snapped these photos. Does this make me some sort of paparazzi? Am I a beekeeper stalker?

What have the bees been eating? Blooming grapevines. Clover. Alfalfa. And now that the hives are closer to the house, I’m guessing they’ve had a taste of these luscious goodies along our walkway.


Stay cool. It’s gonna be over 90 degrees, with a heat index pushing 100. No hard labor for me today…. (yeah, like there ever is…)

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  1. If you ask me, beekeepers deserve paparazzi far more than say, Lindsay Lohan? LOL… Nice shot of the beekeeper, sorry about your heat, I know it’s bad, we’ve had triple digits all summer and it is absolutely draining, a lot of strange weather this year!

  2. Does your beekeeper need any more places to keep bees? We’ve got a lot of clover and would love a hive or two but don’t know how to do it ourselves. We live not far from you!

  3. Are the bees a very time consuming activity? Do they ever bother you, or do you hardly know they are there? Just curious, as we like the idea of having a nice home for the little pollinaters for our fruit trees.
    Also thinking about you this morning and all that RAIN!!! Hope things are okay!

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