A Nameless Ram and Four Bucket Heads

We bought a new ram last week. (We sold Erik in the fall because we needed some new genes.)This guy, recently sheared, is 3/4 Corriedale, 1/8 Arcott-Rideau, and 1/8 mystery sheep. He has a sweet face, and we hope he’ll enhance our already lovely fleece.

Anyone have ideas for a name? In the past we’ve had Rudy, Otis, Andy, Duncan, Perfect Tommy (Buckaroo Banzai fans will know who this is,) and Erik. We’re open to suggestions!

The calves are ready to be weaned, and will soon be out on pasture full time (sorry, guys, no barn to hide in when it rains—besides, you all need baths.) So to celebrate their last few days of milk, I caught them in their favorite activity before I let them out of the barn to graze the rest of the day: Wearing their milk buckets as hats.

To make sure they get every drop, the calves convert their milk buckets to bucket hats. They tip their heads back, heads buried in the bucket, sucking for the last drop of milk. There is much banging in the barn until we wrestle the buckets off their heads.

And when the bucket’s empty and the milk’s gone? Where can you find more milk? On the muzzle of the guy next to you. Numbers 1 and 2 suck face after every meal. Why waste perfectly good milk?

And here’s the final word from Pumpkin: “My mom went to Petco to buy grooming shears and all I got was this dumb haircut.”

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  1. Aloha from Maui! As for the name, how about Bob? I think any animal named Bob (the same name forwards and backwards – as a writer, perhaps you know what that is called – an anagram?) is funny. I am reading your book, Compassionate Carnivore, right now and am so excited to find your blog! In reading your book, I feel a like-minded soul. We are attempting to bring back small-scale, sustainable farming to the Hawaiian Islands via our little slice of paradise. We chronicle our fumblings and learnings at http://www.mauifarmlet.com – thanks for the great book, and looking forward to keeping up on your blog. And consider my vote for “Bob the Ram”

  2. How about Oliver the Ram?

    Poor Pumpkin! We had to do that to a couple of our cats years ago. Outdoor cats get a lot of tangles and mats, and it’s really hard to get them to hold still long enough to comb them out. So out came the clippers or off to the vet they went. All but one hated us for it – The other didn’t care as long as he got his daily belly rubs. LOL

  3. Our current rams are Ford and Sage. Used to have one named Rammy Lamb, for obvious reasons. My favorite over the years was Timmothy.

    Our goat buck is Puck, named such since saytrs are supposed to be, erm, fertile!

    I like FTM’s suggestion of Finnegan though! Finn for short!

  4. Excellent names! Keep ’em coming!

    I suggested Elvis to Melissa. No luck. So then I tried Jesse (Elvis’s stillborn twin brother.) Still no luck. What’s up with that?

    Bob. Ha! A friend’s dog is named Bob and it cracks me up.

    Tina—exciting what you’re doing in Hawaii—good luck!

  5. He does have a sweet face and looks like a lover. To get him in the mood, how about Don Juan, Cassanova or Romeo. As a cat lover, let me interpret Pumpkin’s look “I am seriously P.O.ed and as soon as I think of something, she’ll pay”. Love your books and your blog.

  6. OK You asked for it… Here are some suggestions:
    Corey-Dale for obvious reasons…
    Lisle (Fr – “From the Isle”- could be changed to Lyle)
    Shaun (Pronounced the British way so it sounds like “Shorn”) as in the Wallace & Grommet movies
    Riagan – Means Little King in Irish
    Rouvin (a play on Roving)- Hebrew for “Behold a son”
    Now aren’t you sorry you asked? ;-/

  7. I love all these names. And someone emailed me directly to suggest Steve.


    Corey-Dale? Ramalamadingdong? Ms. LotusDesigns, have you been smoking some of those lotuses? 🙂

    However, Grease is one of my favorite musicals, so it’s a possibility. (Isn’t ramalamadingding in the lyrics of the closing number?)

    Now I must get Melissa in a good mood with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (lime flavored—limade?) and then toss these names at her.

  8. Leaf- Orin is my grandfather’s name– I love it!

    Yes, Rama-LAMB-a-ding-dong was in Grease- you could change the spelling as I have done for a forehead-smackingly funny name, OR, here’s my suggestion:


    I like to keep them simple, and you’re christening him with a good-luck name for wool quality! 🙂

  9. Thanks for all the suggestions! We looked them over, and looked through our baby books, then came up with something entirely different.

    Inigo Montoya…. (Yes, THAT one…”Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”)

    And if you don’t recognize the reference, run, don’t walk, to your video store and rent “The Princess Bride.” ‘Nuf said.

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