Calves and a Head’s Up

Here’s the “Calves” part:

The two Jersey calves are doing great. Then Melissa brought home twins. They’re half Jersey, one quarter Swedish Red, and one quarter Holstein. After working with them, I think they’re 100% Holstein—pushy and stubborn!

But also cute…

And here are the Jerseys, now old enough to spend time outside cavorting….

And here’s the Farmer who, on her way in for lunch, stopped to prune an apple tree. Not sure using a four-wheeler as a ladder is OSHA-approved, but it works.

And here’s the “Head’s Up” part. Blogger will no longer be supporting the platform on which this blog is built, and my Web Goddess is having issues getting the blog to migrate to the new platform. Don’t get me started on the chaos Blogger is causing, but as of May 1, if the migration doesn’t go smoothly, you’ll have to go to my website,, and use the link there for Farm Tales. I’m so sorry… this migration is a great way to lose all my links and all my readers, but nothing I can do. So cross your fingers, and hope to see everyone in a week when I post again….

Really, everyone needs to cross their fingers….and toes….

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  1. Apparently you don’t have enough complications in your life right now, you must move our blog!
    The new calves are cuties…aren’t they always?!!! (We have new highland calf) Better work on that bridge crossing soon with those stubborn ones!
    Also, using the ATV seems alot easier than dragging a ladder around to whereever you need it!

  2. Hi Catherine 🙂

    I love your blog and have both of your books. I started following you after moving to a farm of our own last May 1st. We also have sheep and we just now have our first bottle fed lamb..she is a triplet and her momma doesn’t have quite enough milk, so we put her in the bathtub with a chicken lamp and have been feeding her colostrum and now lamb starter…. Good luck with your cybermove!


  3. Carol B—The bridge will come this summer…or perhaps we’ll just take a little stroll down there this spring and introduce them to it!

    Sassafras—in the bathtub!? Ha! You might want to get her back out to the barn before she forgets she’s a sheep and thinks she’s a duck!

  4. looks like so far so good on the move…? congrats, and the babes are adorable! ive updated my blog link to your new address.

    take care catherine!

  5. Found your blog last night, have been a fan since buying “hit by a farm” from “the coffee guy” in Wanamingo a few years back. My daughter and her husband moved from St Paul to a farm on the western border of MN (in the notch). She started a blog about her adventures in raising their family in the sparsely settled Big Stone County. (This will be their third summer on the prairie.) Think you may have some things in common.

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