Too Busy

Fill in the blank in your own way: I’m so busy and so tired that _______.

I’ve got a great one, and it’s not even farming related. It’s just life.

First, a little background. I found myself having to write two books this winter (long story, will post to other blog eventually,) so I’ve barely noticed the ice, cold, and snow as I’ve had my nose pressed to my monitor, my body hunched over the keyboard.

I took two trips in February, both working trips. Melissa has been working like a crazy woman for the US Census (mail your form in or she’ll send someone to knock on your door!), working 10-12 hour days.

So for nearly two weeks I’ve been doing all the chores, the dogs, the cooking, the dishes, everything, while she drives around in the incredible fog we’ve been having. Seriously, fog day after day. I feel as if I’m living inside my own little dome, and the rest of the world has disappeared.

So yesterday I ran around doing errands, getting the car tires fixed because both rear tires were leaking, then to a meeting, then dropping off the car at Melissa’s meeting so she had a way home, then calling a neighbor for a ride home. Karen dropped me off and immediately drove away, thank god, otherwise she would have seen this:

I’m so busy and so tired that

…last night I walked up to the house and held out my car keys, pressing UNLOCK.

I stood there, unsure why the front door didn’t open, so I pressed UNLOCK again.

I might need to get a bit more sleep.

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  1. You got a laugh out loud guffaw out of me on that one! Have you stopped to think that you might be dangerous?

    P.S. Reminds me of the time I went grocery shopping, loaded everything into the hatch back/back end of the car, then got into the passenger’s seat waiting for me to drive me home.

  2. Oh gosh, there SHOULD be an unlock button for the house!

    Thanks for the fun. Looking forward to hearing about your books.

    My mom and I enjoyed Mr. Keillor live in Providence (just him, a stool and a microphone) last night and I thought about how lucky you have been to meet him a few times. He’s just so special.

  3. I just did this for the first time a few weeks ago. My two dogs were waiting for me to unlock the door so they could get inside, and I just stood there pressing the button. They waited patiently until I figured it out 😉

    Now, when you find yourself fondling the volume button on the TV remote when the partner is rambling on about something, you know you’re not just tired, but cranky, too!

  4. Ha. I wonder if there’s a name for this disease many of us seem to have where you use items not as intended.

    Julie, I’d imagine it wouldn’t go over big to point the TV remote at one’s partner and press MUTE over and over again. Yikes.

  5. Last week I was chatting away on our cordless phone and I had to leave the house to take The Kid to school. Of course, I got out the driveway and the call was dropped (duh! Because it’s a cordless phone that belongs in the house). I kept hitting talk, and not getting a dial tone when I was in the drop off line at school, and I was getting more and more frustrated. After ditching The Kid, I was headed for the Verizon store so they could look at my phone and tell me what was wrong with it when my mom called me back ON MY CELL PHONE!

    Can you just imagine if I’d marched into Verizon with my cordless phone and demanded service?

    I’m so tired.

  6. Huh, I thought it was just me. I’ve done that cordless phone trick too, it was a real puzzler. Isn’t it amazing how our brains will just keep on trucking in survival mode even though they’re on the wrong track?

  7. Along the same lines, my husband kept the kids for me while I went to the grocery store. Before you mention how awesome he is, you should know he only did it b/c I had an absolute meltdown screaming about how I do everything all the time with the kids in tow, how dare he lay around in front of me. Then I went off to the grocery store and pushed the huge cart with a firetruck attached to the front for kids to ride in for half the trip before I realized I was using that cart without any kids!!!!!! Then I was stuck using it b/c I already had it half full of groceries which I wasn’t going to unload and then reload into another cart. I had to explain to the checkout woman that I forgot the kids weren’t with me since they almost always are. She just nodded but I bet she had a good time repeating that story 😉

  8. I can say with great certainty that this method also doesn’t work on apartment doors or sliding glass doors to balconies. Not that I would know from personal experience, I’m just sayin’… Hope you’re getting some naps in now!

  9. I think we need a device that not only unlocks but opens the door for you, because your arms are full, then closes it behind you before the outside cats run inside!!!
    Hope you can get some sleep/rest before shearing and lambing begins!!!

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