Treat Yourself to Yarn!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. If you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, here’s your chance. Rising Moon Farm now has yarn for sale.

So here’s the yarn’s story: The sheep were sheared during a lovely late March party. It’s cold here, so if you’re going to be outside, you’ve got to turn it into a party.

Then the fleece hopped a ride with my aunt and uncle back to Broadus, Montana, where a relative who owns the Big Sky Quality woolen mill cleaned, carded, and spun it into white yarn. Then the US post office brought it back to me from Montana.

Then up to St. Paul, where a very talented woman named London hand-dyed and hand-painted the yarn. (—please paste this address…I can’t seem to make the link work.) London did lots of fun, spring and summer colors, just what we need to get us through the winter!

I’ve had several knitting experts look at the yarn. When Annie Modesitt, author of Romantic Hand Knits, and Joanne Seiff, author of Knit Green, raved about ‘spring’ and ‘great hand’ and how soft the yarn is, it really set our little shepherd-hearts a’ poundin’.

It turns out that Merino sheep isn’t the only breed to yield a soft yarn—our yarn is wear-against-your-skin soft, and is sturdier than Merino. Our sheep are a Corriedale cross, and Corriedales were developed by crossing Merino with English Leicester sheep.

Our friend Kathy took a skein of undyed yarn and pronounced it wonderful for cables. Here’s a little sample she knit: (Thanks, Kath!)

I kept two skeins for myself, and have started a pair of socks. I’m including what I’ve done so far so you can see that there isn’t any irritating striping. London is a master dyer!

Here’s the hand-painted sport weight I chose:

And here’s the sock, so far…

What follows are your choices:

1) one natural brown yarn (no dye, just Mother Nature and Ewe #704)

2) 10 colors of hand-dyed worsted yarn

3) 6 colors of hand-dyed fingering yarn

4) 7 colors of hand-painted sport yarn

London dyed the yarn in batches of 2-4 skeins, so you may want to buy all of a dye lot so you’ll have enough for a project. The approximate length and weight of each DYE LOT is listed after each color, as is the price.

Here we go…. (UPDATE—much has been sold, but there are some lovely skeins left! Here’s what’s left:

3 Coral, 1 Green Grass, 3 Tangerine, 2 Lavender, 2 Pretty in Pink, 2 Bright Turquoise, 1 Pink Roses, 3 Candy Corn)

1) Non-dyed, non-painted… Just some lovely brown yarn that Ewe #704 made all on her own…

We have 0 skeins of this.
1 skein at 3.1 oz, $ 9 SOLD Laura
8 skeins at 3.6 oz, $ 10 (3 sold 12/28, Amelia…5 SOLD to Laura
1 skein at 4.2 oz, $ 12 SOLD Laura

(This naturally colored yarn is not quite as soft as the other yarn, so you might want to use it for something that won’t be worn directly against the skin.)

Hand-dyed Worsted Weight:

I realize that yarns don’t usually have subtitles like books do, but this yarn has one: The Color That Freaked Out the Camera. It’s a lovely color, bright and lively, but not as flourescent as the camera thinks.

Coral: 3 skeins
3.6 oz (208 yds): $13
3.6 oz (208 yds): $13
3.7 oz (215 yds): $14

Purple Rain: 0 skeins
3.4 oz (195 yds): $13 SOLD–Kathryn
3.5 oz. (200 yds): $13 SOLD–Kathryn
3.8 oz (220 yds): $14 SOLD–Kathryn

Cornflower: 0 skeins
3.5 oz (200 yds) :$13 SOLD: Karen
3.8 oz (220 yds): $14 SOLD: Karen

Tuscan Gold: 0 skeins
3.5 oz (200 yd): $13 SOLD-Ellen
3.7 oz (215 yd): $14 SOLD-Ellen
3.8 (220 yd): $14 SOLD-Ellen

This green is brighter than in the photograph.

Green Grass: 1 skein
3.4 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD Peg
3.5 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD Peg
3.6 oz (208 yd) $13

Faded Denim: 0 skeins
3.4 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD
3.5 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD
3.7 oz (215) $14 SOLD

Corn Tassel: 0 skeins
3.5 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD-Ellen
3.6 oz (208 yd) $13 SOLD-Ellen

Celery: 0 skein left
3.5 oz (200 yd) $13 SOLD: Amanda
3.6 oz (208 yd) $13 SOLD: Amanda
3.7 oz (215) $14 SOLD: Sarah Jane

Summer Straw: 0 skein left
3.3 oz (190 yds): $13 (SOLD–Phyllis)
3.6 oz (208 yd) $13 (SOLD–Phyllis)
3.7 oz (215) $14 SOLD—Pam

This is another color that made my camera cover up its lens and cry out in pain, “Too bright! Too bright!” Big baby.

Tangerine: 3 skeins LEFT
3.7 oz (215) $14
3.8 oz (220 yds): $14 SOLD–Ellen
4.0 oz (230 yds): $14
4.1 oz (240 yds): $15

Hand-dyed Fingering Weight:

Autumn Leaves: 0 skeins
3.6 oz (360 yds): $19 SOLD–Kathryn
3.8 oz (380 yds): $20 SOLD–Kathryn

Lavender: 2 skeins LEFT
3.4 oz (340 yds): $17 SOLD Peg
3.7 oz (370 yds): $19
3.8 oz (380 yds): $20

My Blue Jeans: 0 skeins,
3.1 oz (310 yds): $16 SOLD–Pam
3.3 oz (330 yds): $16 SOLD–Pam
3.5 oz (350 yds): $19 SOLD–Pam
3.7 oz (370 yds): $19 SOLD–Pam

Rhubarb Sauce: 0 skeins
3.4 oz (340 yds) $17 SOLD: Sharon
3.5 oz( 350 yds) $18 SOLD: Sharon
3.7 oz (370 yds) $19 SOLD: Sharon

Pretty in Pink: 2 skein LEFT
3.1 oz (310 yds): $16 SOLD Peg
3.2 oz (320 yds): $16
3.4 oz (340 yds): $17

Bright Turquoise: 2 skeins left
3.3 oz (330 yds): $16
3.4 oz (340 yds) $17
3.5 oz( 350 yds) $18 SOLD—Maggie
3.6 oz (360 yds) $19 SOLD–Maggie

Hand-painted Sport Weight:

Lemon Lime: 0 skeins left
3.3 oz (190) $15 SOLD–Renee
4.0 oz (230) $17 SOLD–Renee
4.1 oz (240) $19 SOLD—Ellen

Wild Blue Yonder: 4 skeins (I like this so much…may selfishly keep..not sure)
3.9 oz (225) $17
3.9 oz (225) $17
3.9 oz (225) $17
4.0 oz (230) $17

Pink Roses: 1 skein
3.8 oz (220) $17 SOLD Peg
3.9 oz (225) $17 SOLD Peg
4.6 oz (265) $19

Lilac Bush: 0 skeins
3.9 oz (225) $17 SOLD-Pam
4.0 oz (230) $17 SOLD-Pam

Mother Earth: 0 skeins
3.8 oz (220) $17 SOLD-Pam
4.0 oz (230) $17 SOLD-Pam

Watermelon: 0 skeins
3.7 oz (215) $17 SOLD: Kath
3.9 oz (225) $17 SOLD: Kath
4.3 oz (250) $19 SOLD: Kath

Candy Corn: 3 skeins
3.8 oz (220) $17
3.9 oz (225) $17
4.0 oz (230) $18

There. That’s it. Hopefully there’s something here for everyone!

What next?

Claim the skeins you want in this blog post’s Comment Section, where I’ll also post updates about what’s available, or email me directly.

Then please send a check to Rising Moon Farm, Box 21, Zumbrota, MN 55992. Please include $5 for postage if you’re ordering 1-3 skeins. Postage for 3-5 skeins is $7.50, and 5-10 skeins is $10. Once I receive your check, I’ll ship the yarn.

Sorry we aren’t set up to do PayPay yet… something to work on in the future if people like the yarn.

We are SO excited about our yarn…from our sheeps’ backs, to yours….

Wishing you a warm and safe New Year’s!

Catherine and The Farmer (who will never take up knitting, but who’s proud as punch of the yarn from her sheep)

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  1. Amelia,

    #704 appreciates your business. The other day Ilooked out the dining room window at the sheep and suddenly 704 was IN THE HAY FEEDER. I yelled “You’re not supposed to be in there” through the window, and she hopped back out.

    Myrna…thanks for passing the info along. I think some people say they knit just so they can collect yarn…I’m not sure if they actually do anything with it…sort of like buying more books than one can possibly read in a lifetime…!

  2. Love the yarn colors. I read your book and liked it very much. It gives me hope that I can have my own homestead one day. Just started with chickens this year.
    Anyway – love the yarn and want to support the cause. I’d like all three skeins of the worsted Purple Rain and both skeins of the fingering Autumn Leaves. Mailing a check tomorrow. Thank the sheep for me…..oh and all the lovely humans that were involved too!

  3. Hi Catherine! Oh, this is fabulous and perfect, perfect timing for me as I am joining a women’s “Sewing Circle” in 2010 – knitters welcomed. :0) If it’s still available I would like 2 skeins of the bright turquoise: 3.5 oz/350 yrds $18 and 3.6 oz/360 yrds. Can you confirm that you received this? Hugs, Maggie.

  4. Hey, Maggie, those 2 turquoise skeins are yours. I’ll either ship them to you, or bring them to the retreat….my guess is you don’t want to wait that long! A sewing circle? Excellent.

  5. I loved your book…love your blog… and now I LOVE your YARN.
    I would like to claim all three skeins of the “watermelon” Let me know please if they are still available.
    Kath Bauer in NJ

  6. Kath,

    The watermelon is yours—really fun yarn. And our neighbor Karen just stopped by and snatched up the cornflower, so that’s gone. Luckily, the sheep are making more.

    I, too, wish I had time to post more. I’ve been swamped with book writing this last year. Also, it’s been a very difficult year, for many reasons, which makes it hard to find something positive to write about. I don’t want to turn Farm Tales into Farmer Whining… 🙂


  8. Hi, Catherine. These yarns are all so beautiful…Please save the following for Lauren and me:
    4 skeins of “My Blue Jeans”,
    2 of Mother Earth,
    2 Lilac Bush and
    the remaining celery and summer straw (looks like there is one skein of each). You do not need to mail them. I will come and pick them up and give you the $.
    I can’t wait to touch them!

  9. Received my watermelon yarn today. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to start knitting, but I have another (writing) project I must finish first.
    I will remember to email photos of whatever it is I create with your yarn
    Do you want me to mail you a check for $2.50? It cost you $7.50 to mail the box to me.
    Kath Bauer

  10. Pam, I forgot to mark that last celery skein as sold, so that’s already gone. But the others are all yours!

    Kath, thanks for the kind offer of sending more for postage, but since I miscalculated, I’m not going to ask for more $$. Guess I need to raise my postage rates next time! And yes, please send photos…

    EVERYONE send photos! I should have a Rising Moon Farm knitting project contest!… I’ll get right on that in my spare time… sigh…

  11. Hi, guys!
    If still available, put me down for 3 of the Tuscan Gold, 2 of the Tassels, and 1 of Summer Straw. If any of this isn’t available, I’ll need to make another selection, so let me know. I’ll watch for confirmation before putting a check in the mail.

  12. This collection of yarn is so beautiful. You two must be so proud of your sheep and all your hard work has paid off. I would like to learn how to knit so I could make use of your yarn! The colors are fabulous. I do also love the natural white that was used for cables-awesome…

  13. Melissa–Thanks! We are proud!

    TwinsetEllen, everything’s available on your list but the one Straw…I forgot to update the post. I’ve also put a few skeins back on sale because someone changed her mind (thinking that $167 worth of yarn might be a bit much! 🙂 )

    Just let me know if you want something besides Tuscan Gold (such a rich color) and Corn Tassel.

  14. Okee-dokee – I’ll see your Straw and raise you a Lemon Lime sportweight. Plus a Tangerine worsted.

    So I figure my order is 3 TG, 2 CT, and 1 Tangerine, all worsted, plus 1 LL. Let me know if that is all available and I’ll do the math from there.

    Cheers – Ellen

  15. Such fabulous colors–makes me want to learn to knit! I thoroughly enjoyed your books – Hit By a Farm and Compassionate Carnivore and am delighted to have stumbled upon your blog. I am a nearby beginning farmer with one year under my belt.

  16. Hiya, Catherine – is the page current for remaining yarn? If so, I need to grab me two more skeins of that tangerine. Once I saw it, I fell for it. I sent an email, too, but haven’t seen a reply.

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