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Yesterday the Farmer took our digital camera outside, snapped some photos, put the camera in her shirt pocket, then bent over for some reason, thus dumping the camera from her pocket into a puddle of muddy water.

The camera’s been banged around for five years, but it decided the muddy water was just the last straw so it broke.

This means I’m currently without a camera for taking blog photos. I’m not upset, really I’m not. These things happen. I’m totally cool. We’ll buy another camera eventually, and will probably get more camera for our money than we did five years ago. But meanwhile, what’s a blogger to do? My only choice is to cruise through my photo file, looking for ones I haven’t yet posted.

A passive-aggressive sort of person would consider posting lots of photos of the Farmer, since she broke the camera, but luckily I’m far too mature for this.

This next one is a goofy photo. I needed some shots of me in the pasture for a newspaper article (photos requested by the paper) so a friend was shooting while the Farmer and I walked through the flock. I snagged a sleeping lamb for a photo op, but then realized it had some manure on its backside, which ended up on my jeans. The Farmer stands by, unsure what the fuss was all about.

And here’s our version of the American Gothic painting….

Buying a new camera means a 30-mile trip into Rochester, which isn’t on this week’s schedule. But not to worry…. next week I could post the photos of my laundry flapping in the breeze. It’ll be great… really…

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha! I LOVE that you’re not passive aggressive. At all. Hahahahahaha!

    The ‘American Gothic’ should be your Christmas card this year! Tom & I tried doing that a couple of years ago (for our Christmas card), but it was so bad it never made publication.


  2. Looking forward to your next post showing pictures of laundry flapping in the breeze. (It will be ESPECIALLY interesting if it’s “dirty laundry”!!!) Hahaha!

  3. Me? Air my dirty laundry? Tell the world my weaknesses and goof-ups and secrets? Why, that would be like *gasp* writing a memoir.

    I’d be crazy to do that. 🙂

  4. The dumping of the camera in a puddle reminds me of a simular incendent here this year. We had company, including an 8 year girl. She was enamored with some 4 week okd kittens in the “cat house”. She had a favorite that she carried aeound with her. She had to put it back at suppertime. Later she was asked to tell the other kids that it was almost time to leave. They were playing inside the goat yard. We didn’t know she had that kitten again.She tried to climb over the gate, while holding the kitten. Well, she dropped the kitten, right into the goat’s water trough! Talk about an unhappy wet little kitten! It was fine, but momma cat later moved her babies into a hidden corner of the garage.
    Love the American Gothic pic, that’s really great!

  5. Ruthie J,

    This lamb has burst out of what we call her towel womb! Melissa has figured out how to wrap them nice and tight so they feel all cozy, and don’t struggle. That way she can tuck two inside her jacket without problem!

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