Cold Hands, Warm….Feet

As she recuperates, the Farmer has begun to climb the walls, even though she’s not supposed to strain herself! And I continue to put in two hours of outside work in the morning, and another hour at dusk, with lots of aching and moaning and not much writing in between. At least if I post to this blog, I’m writing.

To avoid whining about the hard work, I’m going to instead focus on absolutely one of the best parts of being Head Farmer here on Rising Moon Farm.

My boots get to sit on the boot dryer! (Those are Melissa’s on the floor…mine are on the dryer, being heated!)

If you’ve never heard of a boot dryer, it’s a clever little bit of plastic that gently heats the insides of your boots. I must say, there’s nothing like warm toasty footwear to improve your attitude toward going outside when it’s 8 degrees above zero. Every farm needs a boot dryer.

I LOVE having warm boots. But here’s the exciting part: it’s not just for boots. Today I actually bent down and read the label: PEET Shoe Dryer.

Yes, you too could be the happy owner/user of what I’d thought was just for boots. Just imagine going out on a chilly night and slipping on a warm pair of sneakers. Chilly is, of course, relative….My sister in Jacksonville shivers violently when the temperature drops to 75 F. !

Here’s the form that holds the boots.

And if you want warm hands in addition to warm feet, there’s even a clever glove form as well. Although I can’t recommend leaving this on the boot dryer. It’s kind of creepy to walk by and see that plastic hand waving at you.

The gizmo is limited to two items, so you can warm two boots or two gloves or one boot and one glove (why?)

Every woman needs a shoe/boot dryer. Yeah, it’s made out of plastic, and it uses a tiny bit of electricity, but if you’re facing a daunting task, I’ve learned you’ll always succeed if your feet are warm…

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  1. Ooooooh-yeah, I think I may need one of those. And I live in CA where feet pretty much never get cold unless you insist on wearing flip flops year-round.

  2. And you thought there wouldn’t be any perks to being Head Farmer!

    When we lived in Illinois, we determined it was cold out if the temp was below 32°. Up here in northern Minnesota, we soon came to realize the dividing line was 0°!

    With all the exercise you’re getting while filling in for Melissa, I think she should reward you with frequent pieces of that hidden candy. :o)

  3. I think you should invest in another shoe/boot dryer. You said it yourself, every woman needs a shoe/boot dryer. You are two women, therefore you should have two. Then, when one of you isn’t going out, you can use one for boots and one for gloves. Joy all around!

  4. The extreme beauty of this device led me to go look for it online. They have ’em with boot ~and~ glove capacity all in one unit. You could do worse. So could Santa…

  5. Both boots and gloves at once? Cool.

    Although this gets me thinking about the most useful design. It’d be a boot dryer TREE, with holders for two pairs of boots and two pairs of gloves, with maybe a few extra branches for a few hats and maybe a scarf rack….

    Hmmm, we should have built a larger mud room…

  6. I showed my hubby the pictures you posted and told him that was what I wanted for Christmas (or my birthday, which comes first). I think that I would actually use it as much for my gloves as my boots, since I seem to get my gloves wet filling waterbuckets and running hoses. (not to mention that the hydrant in the goatbarn leaks really bad) I’ve seen ads, but didn’t realize they blew warm air! (thought it was just a thing to hang them up to dry on) Sounds delightful! Especially with the arrival of some more snow tonight! Thanks for the sharing!! Keep getting better Melissa, your animals are waiting!!!

  7. Gosh, I’m thinking the Peet Company should give me a cut of their sales for promoting their product!

    Mama Pea—you are SO right about what’s considered cold in MN. The online weather service I use describes 12 above as frigid or bitter cold. 12 above is really very nice…. -40 is bitter cold.

  8. oh I need me one of those! I leave my gloves on the radiator in the hallway to warm up and I leave my boots laying on their side with the open end towards the tumble drier vent in the carport, trouble is I worry mice will go in my boots and make a nest, I always give them a good shake since a neighbour told me the best way to catch a mouse is to let them make a nest in a boot!

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