I love how hens get all their chicks nestled underneath them. This proud lady has 9 newly hatched chicks underneath her!

Because this is a tame hen, her chicks aren’t afraid of us. So when I enter the shed, the little ones come running, practically swarming over my feet. If you have a fear of chicken (Alektorophobia), you’ll want to avoid our shed!

And on a “writerly” note, my two novels, The Spanish Pearl and The Crown of Valencia, each won a 2008 Goldie at this year’s Golden Crown Award Ceremony. Molly thought she should be in the photo…

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  1. I’ll second the congrats, and Molly makes a fine sidekick!
    Love the hen & chicks pics. I have a banty-cross hen that hatched 13 little yellow fuzzballs! She too, could get every one of them under her. They are so much fun to watch! Of course my hen is not “tame” in that she’s fiercely protective of her babies. They know I mean food & water, but that’s about it. Hope yours stay healthy and strong going into the cooler weather!

  2. No, this isn’t the feral hen—it’s one Melissa bought from another farmer who’d raised it like a pet.

    The feral hen had another batch (12 this time), and seems to be done for the year, thank heavens, since we now have WAY too many little roosters running around.

    Since no one wants roosters (a farm flock does best with only one, since they tend to fight) they’re soon destined for the soup pot….unless someone out there wants to start a Dude Ranch for roosters!

  3. Hello! I found your blog as I googled your name as ‘the perfect nest’ is the most loved book by by 7 year old son, my 6 year old niece, even my dad. I wanted to see if you have written anything similar but found your farm blog instead! We have 12 chickens and would have more if we had the room, the kids also want minature pigs, goats, ponies…Looking forward to reading your blog every week x

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