Unbelievable Event!

This blogger, who only posts every 10 days or so (let’s face it, not everything that happens on a farm is all that interesting), is taking six days off for a rare event: a vacation. (True, it’s a working vacation, but still…)

Even more unbelievably, Farmer Melissa will be coming along, head cold and all.

How will we survive the shock of going from -20 to 80 degrees? Will we listlessly roam the streets of Palm Springs, CA in search of a flock of sheep and a few llamas to feed?

Or will we spend all six days sitting around the pool below?

Stay tuned.

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  1. My life sometimes gets so crazy that I find myself thinking, “Gosh, if I broke my leg, I could slow down a little.”

    Wow. Just thinking that is enough to make me realize I gotta slow down.

    Surgery’s an innovative way to slow down, but probably not much fun…so heal quickly!

  2. Have a great vacation.

    Just finished Hit by the Farm (sometimes I am a slow reader only because I don’t want a good book to end.) Had thought that raising sheep was easy and kept suggesting to Richard that maybe we should think about farming as an alternative to the politics of the library world. He had the more realistic thought process — I the more romantic version. That is until Hit by the Farm. Now I am staying in libraries.

    Ann Hutton

  3. Here’s wishing you both a wonderful getaway! Farming, on a large or small scale, is plenty of hard work, but so rewarding as well. Having suffered/endured another upper midwestern winter (okay, most of it!) time spent in a warmer place is a great treat for body & soul. I’m sure it’ll be great to come back and get ready for this year’s lambing! I myself have four does that are ready to kid at any time. So exciting!!!!
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Ann,

    You, raise sheep? That’s so cute. Aren’t you the librarian who stopped by the farm about ten years ago, and when I plopped a baby goat in your arms, you looked at me as if I’d just handed you a basket full of snakes? Your eyes got SO big. Jeannie loves telling people that story.

    Nah, you’d better stick with books..

  5. So close to me. Well hopefully the weather in Palm Springs will be nice for you…You are a little early though…Dinah Shore weekend is in early April. Just kidding.

  6. I suspect the two of you will never go another winter without going somewhere warm. It just takes the edge off, even if it’s for a week.

    Chicken Mama, one of my best “vacations” was three weeks off work recovering from kidney-related surgery. Like Ms. Friend, I read. A lot. I made sure the garden was put to bed, went to the library and checked out a pile of books, and had surgery. Five days later, I’m home, on the couch with all those books. I thought I died and went to heaven.

  7. judybusy,

    Absolutely…this whole ‘fleeing the winter’ thing is starting to make sense to me.

    Is there anyway to have three weeks off to read and rest without having surgery? That would be the best…

    chicken mama—hope your surgery went well!

  8. Wow – thanks for all the well wishes! Surgery went well, but apparently I’m not a very good patient. I had a hysterectomy, and I’m not supposed to do any “heavy lifting”. Well, for a girl who lives in the sticks on a small farm, define ‘heavy’! Recovery has been slow, but – according to the nurse last Friday – it’s because I’m doing more than I should . . . including lifting the 30 lb. feeder for the chickens and hacking at and then shoveling away the 8″ of frozen chicken poop and litter in front of the droppings pit door so that the erstwhile hen who’d SOMEHOW gotten in there could escape.

    Bottom line, I think the only way to REALLY have a vacation is to LEAVE the home. Otherwise, you’re just too surrounded by things that need to be done.

    So, kudos again, Catherine, to you and Melissa for getting outta Dodge!

    And, bull penises drying in the oven? You’ve got me (us all?!) beat with that one!

    Happy Monday from sunny northeastern Minnesota!

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