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Most barn cats are somewhere between feral and friendly. Ours, because they are friendly, qualify as pets. This means visits to the vet and medications and surgeries. As a result, somehow all three barn cats have worked their way into the house for a night or two. (If we weren’t allergic to cats, they’d be inside full time.)

Last month Eddie had what we called his ‘man-surgery.’ (He requested that I do not take photos of his missing testicles. ) Because it was so darned cold outside, the vet suggested he spend the night in the house while he was recovering. So Eddie sat in our entry way, watching us for hours through the glass door. I felt like I was an exhibit in a zoo.

Then little Maisie had her surgery as well. (She also requested no photos, since she’s a bit sensitive about her naked, shaved belly.) Because this was more extensive surgery, Maisie spent two nights in the entry way, watching us for hours through the glass door. Back in the zoo again.

Then Pumpkin showed up with a 1/4 inch hole in his arm. Melissa was concerned, but the hole looked clean and manageable. (Did you know that a cat, by licking a 1/4 inch hole in his arm, can turn it into a 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch hole? Yowza.) When she realized the hole was bigger, Melissa brought Pumpkin into the entry way for some care. I never took a class in How to Restrain a Cat, so it was a bit nerve-wracking to hold him while Melissa bandaged the arm. At the vet’s suggestion, Melissa put a plastic container over his head so he couldn’t pull the bandage off.

I am a cat whisperer. I can look into a cat’s eyes and tell you what he or she is thinking. Take Pumpkin, for instance. At the very moment the photo below was taken, Pumpkin was thinking something like this:

“When I get this g**d*** cottage cheese container off my head, I will kill you.”

Pumpkin, too, spent a night in the entry way, watching us through the glass door.

All the cats were very happy to be released from their heated prison, but this winter when the temperature drops WAY below zero, as it always does in Minnesota, what will I do if all three kitties show up at the front door, asking to spend another night in the Cat House Hotel?

I suspect that I, The Spineless Wonder, will take some Benadryl for my allergies, and let them in.

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  1. Judging by tonight’s forecasted temps, I’d say the cats are inside tonight? I have a semi-feral cat who has figured out my dog door, and ventures into the mud room to warm up and eat. Sometimes he’ll let me pet him, and I would love to de-worm him, but can’t figure out how to do that safely.

  2. “When I get this g**d*** cottage cheese container off my head, I will kill you.”

    that is hysterical, as i’d expect. i just finished your book and have spent much of the day laughing out loud. thank you for that treat. your writing is marvelous and your life with your sweetheart is wonderful to read about.

  3. Annie,

    I can’t believe it, but only Pumpkin spent the night in the entry way. This morning when I walked in and smelled the litter box, I decided it’s time for him to move back outside! He’s not bothering the bandaging, and meows loudly, “Let me out!”

    How amazing you have a feral cat that will come into your house. De-worming him will definitely be a challenge. We used to use a granulated dog wormer (Panacur) for our sheep, mixing it into their mineral feeders. I wonder if you could use that on a cat, mixing it into some canned food?

    He’s a lucky cat, though.

    Bigassbelle, (Ha! love the name)

    Thanks! You’ll be happy to know we took the cottage cheese container off and all Pumpkin did was purr. He did smell sort of funky around the head, however, so a little scrubbing was in order. We are so grateful he didn’t hurt us….

  4. Found you through Big Ass Belle..hee hee…I just ordered your book too. Love a good book. The last 3 books I have read have been recommended by Blogging buddies and so far all 3 were magnificent. (I am trying not to use the word awesome)
    Great pics of the cat, I can’t believe you can put a cottage cheese container on their heads. Stupid me I pay the 15.00 for the vet recommended lamp shade.

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