“Hey, nice orbs.”

For those of you who enjoy a good farm story, I’m sorry but I don’t have one today. Come back in a few days and I’ll tell the one about the sheep who had just cause to file a complaint with the SPCA. Today, however, it’s ROVING and YARN time.

Roving: Yesterday I rolled the big bag of roving into 4 oz balls and it was SO much fun. I can’t believe how soft it is. True, it’s not Merino or alpaca, but coming from a non-fancy sheep, it’s softer than I ever imagined it could be. I had so much fun rolling the balls I was sorry when the bag was empty.

Melissa wandered by and noticed there was a wee bit of vegetable matter in the roving. “Hey, this is perfectly good sheep food,” she cried. We thought about it, then decided we wouldn’t charge extra, even though you’ll be getting a few actual pieces of Rising Moon Farm in your roving. (!) Really, the veg matter is VERY minimal, and Melissa is researching coats, so soon some of the ewes will consider themselves fashion plates, and likely be very hard to live with.

I probably shouldn’t call these 4 oz orbs ‘balls,’ since I’ve used the word ‘scrotum’ freely in this blog, so I’ll use what another fiber person called them: Bumps. Anyone interested in a book and a bump? Keep reading.

Yarn: The yarn comes in three colors, as named by the fiber mill: soft gray, cream, and fawn. It’s soft yarn, 4 ply, worsted weight. The fiber mill made it into whopping 300 yd. skeins.

Since I can’t get my website updated for a few weeks, this blog’s my only way to share what’s for sale. I don’t have lots of any of this, but it will be fun to see what you think. And I’d LOVE to see photos of anything you make out of our yarn and roving. Heck, maybe I should have a contest or something….The first entry could be the hat below that our friend Jan, primo knitter and kick-ass librarian, made from #9’s first fleece. The reluctant model is Sophie.

Along with the fiber, I can also sell you personally autographed copies of my book, Hit By a Farm, (autograph is free, of course!) Book is $14.95 but I’ll knock some off if you buy bumps or skeins.

So here goes:

Roving: (It’s all white except I have four bumps of soft gray) $9 per 4 oz bump (GRAY ROVING GONE as of 5/4/07; lots of white roving left…don’t make me spin it all myself!)

Book and a Bump? $23
Book and Two Bumps? $30

Yarn: $12 for a 300 yd. skein (ALL YARN SOLD OUT as of 5/10/07…I’ll make more!)
Book and a Skein? $25

Add $5 for shipping and handling, and we’re good to go. Email your order to me at info@risingmoonfarm.com so I hang on to it for you, then send a check, made out to Rising Moon Farm, to Box 21, Zumbrota, MN 55992.

There. Have I forgotten anything?

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  1. Rising Moon yarn knits up quite nicely. The hat shown was made on size 8 needles with about 130 yds of yarn. It has a soft hand and is lovely to work with. There is very little vegetable matter in it. There is more in some commercial yarns, like Lopi, for example. It blends well with other yarns too. I made a great scarf (Catherine hasn’t received it yet) with half RM yarn and half Noro Kureyon, which is hand dyed and hand spun. It turned out so well, I want to replicate it, so I’m thrilled that RM yarn has finally gone to market. The short version: I think you will like working with this yarn! Jan

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