A Brief Study of Sheep Sex on Rising Moon Farm

Exhibit A:

This is Erik wearing a harness and green marking crayon. Theory is that as he mounts a ewe, he leaves behind a green mark, thus reassuring us he does know what he’s doing, and is actually doing it to all the ewes in his harem.

Exhibit B:

This is Erik romancing a young ewe, who is hoping that I don’t photograph the private moments to follow. I respectfully shut off the camera. (Actually, nothing happened because the ewe ran off to eat some hay. Poor Erik.)

Exhibit C:

You’ve heard of the Scarlet Letter? We call this the Viridian Smudge, evidence that some of these floozies—oops, I mean ewes—have stood still for Erik long enough that he could leave his mark.

Exhibit D:

Luckily, Erik’s life isn’t all work, work, work. A guy needs a break now and then, so one day Erik took his crayon off and used it for some creative doodling.

(Actually there is the distinct possibility that our friend Mary H. got a little crazy with Photoshop, but since she told us Erik was the artist, we believe her.)

Here ends the brief study of sheep sex on Rising Moon Farm.

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