Happy Holidays!

Not much happens on the farm in December, except that we have lots of authorized sheep sex going on. The rams have waited all year for this, and they will soon each have their own harem. I suppose I could include photos, but this isn’t that sort of blog. Besides, I want the rams, Duncan and Eric, to concentrate on their job, not on primping for my camera.

So instead, I take you inside the house. Meet Sophia Louise and Robin Scott McGregor, 80 pounds and 60 pounds respectively. They wish you a Happy Holiday season.

If you look closely in the border collie’s eyes, you’ll see a hint of what happened once I positioned the poinsettia between them. Two photos later Robin leaps through the plant to snap at Sophie, knocking it over and sending dirt flying. I guess he thought the Great Dane was upstaging him or something.

Melissa, with the 80-pound lap dog, also wishes everyone a fine holiday. We’ve been so blessed with feedback from friends, family, and strangers alike about our book, Hit By a Farm, that it’s been an amazing year. Thank you to all who’ve read the book, read this blog, and who go out of their way to look for meat raised humanely by small farmers doing their best to tread lightly on the earth.

Happy Holidays!

Catherine and Melissa and Sophie and Robin the Maniac

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  1. Well guys, I thought of you both today as I scraped duck crap off of my garage walls with a butter knife. I laughed at me and I laughed at your stories at the same time…Have a Happy Holiday and stay warm…

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