The Five Dollar Llama
Guard llamas must be big, bad, and ready to stomp a coyote to mush should one threaten our sheep. We need serious guard llamas to protect our vulnerable lambs, which is why we’ve paid $400 for every llama on the farm. Until now.

The other day Melissa went to the local livestock auction, just to hang around and watch. This is what farmers do at livestock auctions.

Because it was post-holiday, the crowd was thin and not that interested in buying. So when a tall, good-looking llama, brown and white like a pinto pony, came up for auction, no one bid. $25? $20? $15? $10? Do I hear $5?

Melissa couldn’t believe it. A healthy llama and no one wanted him? If she had asked me, I would have said, “Hey, the last thing we need on this farm is another llama.”

She didn’t ask me. Instead, she borrowed $5 from a friend, brought the llama home, and named him Tucker.

Luckily the low price didn’t damage his ego, for Tucker struts around the farm as if we’d paid $400 for him. He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s ready to stomp a coyote to mush, if need be.

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